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Learn how we met, and a little about our backgrounds

How we met........

We met in an Internet Chatroom in 1998.

During our time in chat we found that we were magically attracted to each other and were both interested in the other person.

We talked for many hours at all times of the day and night and eventually decided to meet.

Trev flew out to Wisconsin in March 1999 and we immediately found that we had taken a wonderful decision. We had a truly "fairy tale" week during which we were drawn ever closer.

After a lot more talking, laughing and occasionally crying together we finally took what is probably the most significant decision in our lives, and we both moved to Maryland and to the small city of Havre de Grace which is set at the Northern end of Chesapeake Bay.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Jeanne's background...

Jeanne was born and raised in the small city where we now live.

After graduating High School she went to University in Washington D.C., and there she gained her Doctorate in Psychology, later specializing in Child Psychology, and particularly in behavioral difficulties. Jeanne is presently a School Psychologist.

Trev's background...

Trev was born and raised in Doncaster, in the U.K.

After completing Grammar School he went on to college,and later Sheffield University where he studied Medical Lab Sciences to HNC level. For the last 18 years he has been involved in Youth Services and occupied various positions within the service until finally he was a member of the development and training team. 

Trev is now a "stay at home" husband and spends many hours updating the various patriotic websites and numerous other activities around the house.

You can see more of our families on the later pages.

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